My Choices Foundation

ORGANIZATION : My Choices Foundation
CONTACT PERSON: Anukriti Kandhari

My Choices is a non-profit that is trying to stop domestic violence by training and employing local women (Peace Makers) who work within their community to create meaningful change in the victims’ lives. It believes that domestic violence can be stopped by healing and reconciling families in a peaceful manner and further action becomes necessary only when such an option is no longer available.

My Choices makes extensive use of Facebook to impact the mentality of people and make them more sensitive towards women rights and safety. We are constantly sharing news/quotes/video clips and pictures that inspire people to make a difference and be someone’s voice in need. In 2014, the organisation ran two social media campaigns that went viral. The first campaign called “Orange ur hood” was meant to raise awareness about domestic violence. It asked people to change their Facebook profile picture to orange to raise awareness about domestic violence. It received requests from thousands of people from all over the country who wanted to change their pictures to orange.

The second campaign “Respect 2 protect” was aimed at influencing people, especially men, to focus more on respecting a woman than just protecting her because respect implies protection. The campaign could rope in cricketers such as Viral Kohli, Suresh Raina, Ambati Raidu and Ravi Shastri.

My Choices filmed a video with them and asked people to pledge to “Respect 2 protect”. This campaign was followed by a social media campaign where people changed their profile pictures with a signed pledge card. This campaign got a lot of media mention on different platforms.

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