1. No Cost: All entries to the eNGO Challenge Award are free.
  2. Unfinished projects: No drafts, mockups, demonstrations, or unfinished projects will be approved; your NGO must adhere to the requirements of being active and working towards the socio-economic development of the communities and societies.
  3. Nomination revision: Once a nomination form is submitted, it cannot be changed.
  4. The fields marked mandatory in nomination forms are necessary to be filled by the nominee.
  5. Ongoing projects/initiatives only: Your initiative must be ongoing. Closed initiatives will lead to disqualification.
  6. Disqualification: False information submitted concerning the project will result in the Nominee’s immediate and permanent rejection.
  7. Any partner to eNGO Challenge is eligible to apply for the nomination process of any of their projects as the Jury is a completely independent process, irrespective of eNGO Challenge programme stakeholders.
  8. No Limitations: One may submit more than one nomination for several initiatives from the same organisation, with no restrictions on the platforms, costs, or channels the projects use or the number of nominations from any organisation that may be submitted.
  9. One project can only be submitted for one category. In the case of multiple submissions by the same organisation, each project requires a separate registration.
  10. The same project cannot be submitted twice (i.e. submitted again).
  11. Any project who has won previously will not be considered.
  12. Interested entities can take part in the eNGO Challenge Award by either applying online or contacting an expert panel for the nomination process through engochallengeaward@defindia.org.
  13. Language: Irrespective of the product/project language, all producer and project information must be in English.
  14. Applicants shall receive an acknowledgement mail to their email address after submitting the nomination form successfully.