Education and Learning – 12
1 Jaago Foundation Jaago Foundation Digital School Program Bangladesh Download
2 WWF India One Planet Academy India Download
3 Voluntary Integration For Education And Welfare Of Society (Views) Empowering Visually Impaired Through Audiobooks India Download
4 Y4d Foundation Digital Training And Resource Center India Download
5 Evidyaloka Trust Evidyaloka Digital School Program India Download
6 Yuvajaya Foundation Career Connect India Download
7 Oranges Social Welfare Society Oranges Road Safety Education, Training And Awareness Campaign India Download
8 Katha 300 Million Citizens’ Challenge India Download
9 Haryana Welfare Society For Persons With Speech And Hearing Impairment ISI Textbooks India Download
10 Agastya International Foundation We-Learn – Agastya’s Learning App India Download
11 Deepalaya Project Parivartan India Download
12 Fernandez Foundation Quality, Compassionate, Respectful Maternal Health: Scale Up Of Professional Midwifery In Telangana,India India Download
Gender Equality and Empowerment – 4
13 Apne Aap Apne Aap Women Worldwide USA Download
14 Adani Skill Development Centre Women Empowerment India Download
15 Association For Advocacy And Legal Initiatives Trust (Aali) Women Leadership Program India Download
16 Trust For Youth And Child Leadership (Tycl) Girls Lead Girls – A Holistic Self-Defence Program India Download
Health Access & Delivery – 4
17 Visionspring Foundation India Clear Vision Mission (Ujjwal Bharat Drishti Abhiyan) India Download
18 Orcd Health Access & Eduaction Afghanistan Download
19 Trust For Youth And Child Leadership Puducherry Youth Helpline India Download
20 Digiswasthya Foundation Digiswasthya Telemedicine Centre India Download
Livelihood, Business and Entrepreneurship – 3
21 Indian Micro Enterprises Development Foundation (Imedf) Visakhapatnam Coffee Cluster: Co Creation Of Sustainable Value Chains India Download
22 Udyogini Holistic Rural Development Project India Download
23 Sustainable Development For Vulnerable Peoples In Bangladesh She Power Project Bangladesh Download
NGO Digital Transformation – 7
24 1NGO Digital Empowerment Of Ngos India Download
25 Adani Skill Development Centre Unique Learning Technology India Download
26 Sarthak Educational Trust Capsarathi – One Stop Digital Solution For Disability Related Info & Services India Download
27 Vellnez Foundation Trust Digital Platform To Coordinate Charity And Make It Scientific India Download
28 Visionspring Foundation Digiteyes India Download
29 3rzw Environment Foundation Rewards For Sustainable Gestures India Download
30 Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust Byst Entrepreneur Acquisition Management System (Beam) India Download
Public Services, Entitlements and Social Protection – 3
31 Balajee Sewa Sansthan Save The Life Of Chronicle Disease Patients Like Tb, Hiv-Aids India Download
32 Seeds Sunny Lives: Ai Based Disaster Impact Model India Download
33 Green Yatra Trust / Mr. Durgesh Gupta Miyawaki Plantation India Download
Rights and Advocacy – 2
34 Social Service Center (Sosec) Nepal Women and Children Center and Child helpline 1098 Nepal Download
35 Association For Advocacy And Legal Initiatives Trust (AALI) Casework Interevntion India Download
Social Inclusion
36 Evidence Program Unit Of Media Institute For National Development Trust Monitoring Dalit Human Rights Promoting Social Justice India Download
37 Patiala Foundation IHeritage India Download
38 Cancer Aid Society Nationwide Cancer Control Program India Download
39 Anudip Foundation For Social Welfare Digital Inclusion Of Young Aspirants (Diya) India Download