The eNGO Challenge under the umbrella of Digital Empowerment Foundation’s eNGO Programme was put into conception with an objective to recognize and facilitate the grassroots organizations doing exceptional work using Digital Tools. The eNGO Challenge is now seven years old and recognises best practices across South Asia.

There are millions of not-for-profit and civil society organizations in the world playing a vital role in the socio-economic development of diverse communities living in difficult conditions.

However, various studies and reports have time and again indicated that most of the grassroots organizations struggle due to lack of funds, human resources, and perseverance.

The goal of the eNGO Programme of the Digital Empowerment Foundation, which includes the eNGO Challenge, is to recognise and support grassroots organisations that use digital tools to achieve remarkable work. The eNGO Challenge, which has been around for seven years, honours excellent practises in South Asia.


To recognize, facilitate and award organizations that have done some exceptional work with communities and subjects using any kind of new age tools.