Sahodari Foundation

ORGANIZATION : Sahodari Foundation
CONTACT PERSON: Kalki Subramaniam
COUNTRY : Pakistan

Established in 2008, Sahodari Foundation is a non-profit that works to promote social, political, and economic equity for transgender and intersex people and campaigns for their civil and legal rights. It also tries to ensure justice for transgenders, intersex and gender non-confirming people, eliminate oppression and discrimination against them and ensure that all gender non-conforming people are protected.

The organisation has been using the Internet as a media platform to put-forth their unheard voices to the world. The foundation trained transgender people as community video journalists and encouraged them to speak up their stories on visual media through a project called ‘Project Kalki’. Many transgender women brought out their voices through video films and the organisation showcased those films in Youtube, blogs and other websites and also screened the films across the country.

The organisation is using all available and accessible web media tools to take stories, messages and concerns of the transgender community to policy makers, academicians, fellow organisations and activists, student community and the public for social acceptance, and greater visibility and achieving equal opportunities in civil society. Blogging and documenting the community’s struggles through vernacular as well as in English language writings, pictures and art has also greatly helped the organisation in expressing and taking the transgender rights movement forward in society.

The Sahodari Foundation website brings forth the problems and issues of the Indian transgender community and highlights the needs to address these problems and presses for solutions. The website’s contents had been used for various gender research studies, policy level documents and media sensitization and awareness. Through the website, many transgender people who are in crisis and desperately need help, intervention and counselling support connect with Sahodari and get the help they need.

The foundation also uses social media and mobile apps like Whatsapp in its work.

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