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WEBSITE : www.wildlifesos.org

Wildlife SOS was set up in 1995 with the objective of conserving India’s natural heritage by way of rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife in the country. Credited with eradicating the centuries old barbaric practice of ‘dancing’ bears in India, having rescued more than 600 bears off the streets, the organisation runs four rescue centres where it provides the bears with the necessary veterinary and general care. The organisation has grown enormously over the last two decades, but has retained its holistic approach to conservation, ensuring the rehabilitation of erstwhile poacher communities and communities traditionally dependent on wildlife for their sustenance.

The organisation is also actively involved in anti-poaching and anti-trafficking efforts, runs active rescue helplines for wildlife trapped in urban settlements in three major cities, organises biodiversity protection initiatives and afforestation drives, as well as awareness workshops, and conducts multiple conservation studies in the field. Wildlife SOS’ path-breaking work with captive and abused Asian elephants has garnered international recognition for the organisation, as the pioneer in the rescue and rehabilitation of working and performing elephants from lives of abuse and neglect in India.

Wildlife SOS relies heavily on public support, increased awareness and international recognition of the work we do, to enable us to continue making a difference. It therefore, uses social media as an extremely important and effective tool in helping it to spread its message and garner further support. Its social media efforts have enabled it to get approximately 10,500 new followers every month on its Facebook page and an average of 1,800 new followers every month on Twitter.

Although Wildlife SOS works within India, its supporters and donors are spread all over the world. It has also been able to set up two affiliated units the UK and the US for raising funds for its work in India.

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