The eNGO Challenge Award 2020 facilitates organizations for best use of new age tools like ICT, Digital, Management, Governance, Outreach and Engagements under 8 categories. 


A new category introduced for the year 2020, Innovation@Covid-19 recognises initiatives helping communities cope with the health crisis. Any solution-based program working to ease issues born out of or during the pandemic may apply under this category. The eNGO Challenge would like to reward newly launched digital interventions with great potential, but who may still be in their early stage.

Governance & Livelihood

This category recognises initiatives NGOs that facilitate information flow and management of public schemes for citizen empowerment and good governance. The category also includes initiatives that facilities and enhance better access and delivery of citizen and public schemes services and governance scheme. It also recognises initiatives that strengthen services and delivery of institutions like schools, urban local bodies among others.

Digital Empowerment & Tools

This category invites initiatives by NGOs / CSOs that are doing exceptional work using ICT tools, including social media platforms, e-commerce initiatives, media & apps, crowd funding & crowdsourcing platforms. The category also includes initiatives that are empowering communities by generating e-content in various formats to spread information.

Education & Learning

This category calls out to all the initiatives of NGOs/CBOs that are working towards making learning and education, innovative and accessible for everybody. The category also supports the initiatives that foster technology and initiative in science, math, technology learning to provide measures to promote science and demonstrate results and value to society.

Heritage & Culture

This category welcomes initiatives of NGOs/CSOs that are working towards preservation and promotion of all forms of art and culture. It also invites initiatives that assist development of diverse repositories of knowledge of historical and cultural value. NGOs/CBOs into the development and promotion of local tourism, heritage walks, preservation of dying arts and skills are invited to participate in this category.

Outreach & Entrepreneurship+Start Ups

This category honours the initiatives that promotes innovation and infrastructure development and supports creating entrepreneurship opportunities. It also invites initiatives that develop and promote business and promotional activities, marketing and awareness programs.

Healthcare & Wellness

This category welcomes projects/ initiatives of NGOs/CBOs that aim at resolving individuals and public health issues thereby creating an established health care system. Nominations may include applications that enable delivery of health care and health services, reduces child mortality rate and promotes general well-being of the people.

Gender Equality & Enablement

This category encourages initiatives by NGOs/CSOs addressing critical challenges women empowerment, child labour and trafficking, gender biasedness and disability issues. Also, initiatives reaching and empowering minorities, senior citizens, disabled and labour community are also recognised in this category.

Environment, Agriculture & Green Tech

This category welcomes initiatives that help farmers improve agricultural productivity, access to information on new technologies and best practices, basic financial services, new markets & market price. Moreover, nominations will also be accepted for those applications that seek to promote environmental awareness, support sustainable development, help counter natural disasters and work towards water and soil conservation.

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