Lha Charitable Trust

ORGANIZATION : Lha Charitable Trust
CONTACT PERSON: Ngawang Rabgyal
CONTACT : office@lhasocialwork.org
WEBSITE www.lhasocialwork.org

Founded in 1997, Lha Charitable Trust is one of the largest Tibetan non-profit social work organisations. Based in Dharamsala, India, Lha seeks to play a crucial role in facilitating the transition of Tibetan refugees from their homeland to the Indian community by providing long-term rehabilitation and education resources.

Lha offers a wide range of services that include free English, French, German and Chinese classes, cultural exchange programs, IT classes, vocational training, health & environmental awareness education, a wide array of volunteer opportunities, distribution of clothes and medicine, a community kitchen and many other programs and activities. Through these rehabilitation resources and educational services, Lha facilitates an easy transition for the Tibetan refugee community to India. On a daily basis Lha serves over 250 people, hosts between 15 and 25 volunteers and provides up to 19 different services including on average 50-60 meals per day for people who need it.

It makes extensive use of online presence and digital tools to carry out its activities. Its primary website is www.lhasocialwork.org which contains information about the organisation, aims and objectives, various volunteering opportunities, different projects and community services that it does and also different visitor services that it provides. Its other websites are: www. samdhongrinpoche.com which offers the writings, speeches, and interviews of Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche; www. tibetnature.net is a website on news and information related to Tibet’s environmental issues and other environment related news in Tibetan Language; www.contactmagazine.net is a monthly newsletter containing news and information on Tibet’s currents situation and politics; www.tibetfairtrade.com is a wholesale and retail online store and deals in Tibetan traditional handicrafts and decors and blog.lhasocialwork.org which publishes the latest news from the Lha Charitable Trust and from the volunteers that help keep it going.

Lha also makes good use of social media platforms.

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