Organisation: WWF India
Initiative: One Earth One Home
Location: Delhi, India

‘One Earth One Home’ is action-oriented model to empower the children steering a change in their houses to adopt pro-conservation attitude and sustainable practices. With the pandemic emphasising how human health is intrinsically linked to our planet and its diversity, WWF India’s digital programme sets to build environment friendly green homes across the country by empowering students with skills such as critical thinking, decision making, communication and action competence, etc.

The action-oriented programme includes a futuristic vision through supplementary digital resources linked to mainstream curriculum, focuses on mental well-being by engaging children with in-house green activities, and invites family participation.

According to the assessment conducted for the programme — there were 51,894 responses from the students and 30 National and State government departments that are partnered to engage with students in 14 States and 2 Union Territories with resources available in 10 languages.