for raising awareness on clean & green environment by creating miniature forests

Organisation: Thuvakkam Welfare Association
Initiative: Urban Forestry using Miyawaki Method
Location: Tamil Nadu, India

Urban Forestry using Miyawaki Method is the method of afforestation to create miniature forest in a specific area to implement an organic faster growing native forest. The Japanese Miyawaki technique involves sowing plants in small land areas of 1,000 sq. ft onwards to increase the growth rate by approximately 10%. Native trees are chosen based on soil health of the region, and soil is enriched with nutrients using manure, water retainers, perforator, etc.

Thuvakkam Welfare Association’s project aims to reverse the effects of deforestation and has increased green cover by creating an oxygen factory, improving bio-diversity, and enriching the soil and its nutrients. Small pieces of land too can be transformed into a surrounding forest for creating a better livelihood while initiating the practice amongst individuals for nature recovery.