for empowering women from marginalised communities to become financially literate

Organisation: Sukalyan Welfare Society
Initiative: Financial Literacy & Inclusion Program
Location: West Bengal, India

Financial Literacy & Inclusion Program circles around the lack of basic financial understanding leading to unproductive investment decisions in rural India. The programme addresses the issue by establishing Financial Literacy Centres (FLCs) and various awareness initiatives, primarily for women, to empower socially and economically challenged communities to be make sustainable financial choices.

The FLCs are equipped with — personalised training sessions and support while availing financial and other govt. services, Nukkad Nataks, film screenings on financial inclusion, rallies during financial literacy weeks, etc. are organised to engage and enhance the knowledge, and exist as permanent establishments. 

Sukalyan Welfare Society has noted impact as per the evaluation of 2019-20 as — 73% women have started saving, 45% women are capable of operating an ATM by themselves, 38% women visit the bank regularly, 30% women use Financial Diaries to budget for their family, and 94% women showed interest getting linked to basic entitlement and financial inclusion schemes.