for running a campaign to create a positive & digitalized community during the covid 19 lockdown

#StayHomeStory Campaign was initiated by Sarvodaya-Fusion, in collaboration with Facebook and Information and Communication Technology Agency in Sri Lanka to engage and express solutions adopted at home to overcome personal difficulties and encourage digital mode of communication for a better stay-at-home experience. By positively engaging the public, the mission was to deviate the negative mindset, stress, anxiety and other struggles.

Further within the campaign, #stayhomestory competition was initiated to add an entertainment aspect to retain the attention of the audience focusing on mental well-being.

The program ensured behavioural change since the competition sparked creativity and positiveness in the minds of the individuals, while making their time productive and useful, and unveil many talents of innovators, artists, singers, as well as passionate and creative minds. Moreover, #stayhomestory Facebook page reached an audience of 450K and nearly 1,000 entries from all over the country.