Rights and Advocacy

Rights| Justice| Freedom| Transformation

Advocacy is a planned approach for swaying judgments and effecting change in our community. Through policy advocacy and digital-based awareness-raising, it increases protections for NGO rights defenders (HRDs), with a focus on rights and justice, in digital domains.

  • This category recognises non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that have worked with digital tools, platforms, plans and strategies to spark debate, provide policy documents, and build awareness-raising and advocacy techniques to bring human rights to the local level in ways that are relevant to local contexts and communities as per universally and nationally accepted legal guarantees and constitutional provisions.
  • NGO digital media and communication initiatives that create advocacy plans to bring about transformative changes in societies and communities in crucial areas like social media, e-commerce, electronic payments, and data commons.
  • NGO Initiatives that empower community voices by giving them a platform to use social media to represent the truth of their hardships, fight for social justice through various campaigns, and expose the inefficiency of a variety of development strategies.