for empowering the communities & strengthening the government systems to address malnutrition among children

Organisation: Population First
Initiative: Initiatives to address malnutrition among children in Shahapur, Thane
Location: Maharashtra, India

The project of Population First — ‘Initiatives to address malnutrition among children in Shahapur, Thane’ is addressing malnutrition among children under the AMCHI project spread across 29 villages of Shahapur, Thane district. By empowerment of communities and strengthening of government systems and convergence, advocacy and awareness regarding nutrition and health related entitlements — the intervention has been able to address gaps in service provision with the block level government.

Considering the entire life cycle approach to nutrition, the efforts were implemented through capacity building sessions while employing A/V tools to engage and encourage pregnant and lactating women, adolescent girls, and parents of children.

Population First’s efforts have resulted in effective monitoring growth of 2,000 children, 500+ pregnant and lactating women were explained the components of antenatal and postnatal care, and 200 village level institutions and government service providers were made to understand their responsibilities better while ensuring accountability and transparency.