for combating hunger during the covid 19 lockdown

Organisation: Khaana Chahiye Foundation
Initiative: The Hunger Map Project
Location: Maharashtra, India

As the city grips to normalcy after an economic lockdown, the Hunger Map project partners with Map Unity to map the critical clusters in the city which requires immediate attention during a crisis. The multi-dimensional policy level intervention focuses on issues such as primary healthcare, sanitation, poverty alleviation and use of technology in solving public problem, all mutually related to the goal — “End Global Hunger” by 2030. As an academic exercise, the research team includes a diverse group of members from different disciplinary backgrounds while also expanding its bubble by an agreement with BMC for the utilisation of the tool post-development.

The efforts of Khaana Chahiye Foundation mapped 10,000 homeless individuals on the streets of Mumbai and Thane, and emerge as a platform where multiple civil society groups, small donors and corporate organizations could collaborate and conduct immediate relief across the city.