for empowering the communities to build a conducive environment for the well-being of trafficking survivors & their children

Organisation: Jan Lok Kalyan Parishad
Initiative: Successful Re-integration of Trafficking Survivor
Location: Jharkhand, India

Successful Re-integration of Trafficking Survivor is the project of Jan Lok Kalyan Parishad aiming to bring positive change to the life of children who have experienced the trauma of child-trafficking, abuse and exploitation or children who are living in vulnerable situations. With the involvement of the family members, communities of the village, young volunteers and other stakeholders — the programme ensures to build a protective and enabling environment conducive to the psychological well-being of children while also reducing the rate of re-trafficking.

Jan Lok Kalyan Parishad’s initiative has impacted — 150 trafficked survivors who are now successfully re-integrated with the community, 379 at-risk children have been saved from being trafficked, encouraged 10 village level adolescent groups, invited 175 stakeholders to collaborate, integrated 67 trafficking survivors with mainstream education, strengthened VLCPC (Village Level Child Protection Committee ) to make the model sustainable, and made 15,000 people aware of the Child Rights & Protection.