Gender Equality and Empowerment

Inclusion | Diversity| Access| Equality

The digital growth on Gender Equality highlights how NGOs can actively reduce gaps between the sexes by granting access to technologies, fundamental digital literacy and skills, and educational and endowment technology. By enhancing women’s access to information and knowledge through technology, creating possibilities for civic engagement, and using digital platforms to organise and grow social and professional networks and capital, NGOs are empowering the different genders.

  • NGO Initiatives addressing the stereotypes, targeting existing gender biases in access to the internet and devices, education, health, public schemes access, and bridging the skills gender divide in the digital era.
  • NGO ICT-based initiatives that build capacity towards gender equality in education and employment; enhancing democracy and women’s participation through electronic connectivity; initiatives that foster women’s entrepreneurship and engagement in innovation, and enhance economic participation.