for providing economic empowerment to the women of marginalised communities of Thakurgaon

Organisation: Eco-Social Development Organization (ESDO) Bangladesh
Initiative: Thakurgaon Mozzarella Cheese Production, Branding, Packaging & Distribution project
Location: Thakurgaon, Bangladesh

‘Thakurgaon Mozzarella Cheese Production, Branding, Packaging & Distribution’ is the initiative to support women in economic activities, provide access to business markets, and develop entrepreneurial skills to release their creative potential while making women from marginalised and weaker backgrounds more self-reliant.

Eco-Social Development Organization (ESDO) has created an employment opportunity for over 5,000 women to work as milk producers of dairy farms and mozzarella cheese production units by offering soft loans, training support and technical advisory for a healthy and optimum production process.

The project is attaining its objective since 99% of the participants are women, the economic positioning of women has improved with some pushing their entrepreneurial potential establishing the grounds for gender equality, and 5,255 women are in a state to financially support their family.