Initiative: Adhikaar
Organisation: Deepak Foundation
Country: India
Facebook: @deepakfoundatio

‘Adhikaar card’, an Integrated Village Development programme helps the underprivileged who remain oblivious to the development schemes categorically designed for them. The project initiative aims to strengthen, the utilisation of Government schemes and services by facilitating the process of application to various schemes. The initiative is implemented in 18 villages of 3 districts of 2 states of India. It reaches to 3100 households, covering the population of 23500. ‘Adhikar card’ tracks all eligible beneficiaries through a customised tracking system -a QR based card which serves as an analytical tool and digital locker for all certificates and also aids people in registering for various schemes. The services have been set up at Panchayat office to ensure entitlements are accessed and utilized by beneficiaries.