for providing entrepreneurship & IT training to the survivors of trafficking to make them financially independent

Organisation: Anudip Foundation for Social Welfare
Initiative: Building Entrepreneurship to Stop Trafficking (BEST)
Location: West Bengal, India

Building Entrepreneurs to Stop Trafficking (BEST) is an innovative program aimed at rehabilitating survivors of trafficking amongst women and children who have faced the stigma of sex trade and travails of bonded labour, discrimination and social taboo. The program aims to equip disadvantaged women and girls to find economic independence and self-sufficiency through entrepreneurship and IT skills training while accounting their vulnerabilities.

In-addition, the beneficiaries are taught comprehensive skilling course in technical and digital knowledge, given training in financial and soft skills, linked to the crowdsourcing business module allowing them the flexibility of working within familiar spaces, and support them through the transition.

The impact from the initiative of ANUDIP Foundation for Social Welfare accounts for 32 beneficiaries who are survivors of trafficking are now working for over a year and another 50 in the training process.