Initiative: Alliance of Health Organizations
Organisation: Alliance of Health Organizations (AHO)
Country: Afghanistan

Alliance of Health Organizations (AHO) is an independent alliance of national and international health NGOs. Established in 2012 as a non- profit with the aim to promote justice and health rights for all Afghan citizens affected by conflict and war. It supports, coordinates and partners with 25 civil society members (national and international based in Afghanistan) and enables them to mobilize community and work in partnership with all takeholders including Afghan government to ensure health as basic rights of individuals. Currently, there are wide variations in coverage of essential health services both among and within countries. AHO offers an unparalleled set of skills in transforming how the Ministry of Public Health of Afghan Government designs, delivers, and evaluates health financing system through domestic resource mobilization. It also strengthens capacities of civil societies in developing advocacy strategy and strategic behaviour change communication at the national, state, and district levels.