VidyaDeep Foundation


Original Title : Vidya Deep Foundation
State: Maharashtra
Contact Person: Prof Dipak Tatpuje
Email Id: vidyadeep@gmail.Com
Mobile /Telephone: 9890960816


VidyaDeep is a reputed social organization of Western Maharashtra working in areas of Scientific Awareness, Entrepreneurship Development under the leadership of Prof. Dipak Tatpuje, recipient of U. P. Govt. National Award, for socio-economic up-liftment of the rural youths. Since 1998, VidyaDeep Foundation is also contributing significantly in the area of Information Technology and research.

Vidyadeep is using its website to create educational resources, spread Technical Knowledge, provide career guidance & counseling in regional languages and facilitate resources to develop entrepreneurship skills. There are several e-modules to achieve organization’s objectives – (1) has e-learning Modules in 8 trades that are helpful to set up micro-enterprises (2) for science communication through digital media to create scientific temperament and (3) for Marathi Unicode web on career guidance.

Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have helped networking with stakeholders and trainees and communicating with partners, stakeholders and public. These efforts have significantly contributed to help empower youth through education and imparting related skills amongst them, enabling them towards self reliance and create awareness about ICT among rural community.

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