Original Title : VChangeU
State: Andhra Pradesh
Contact Person: Vijay Bhasker
Email Id:
Mobile /Telephone: 9030309333


VChangeU is a non-profit organization based in Hyderabad helping young people by educating them what tobacco and alcohol really are, how occasional tobacco and alcohol consumption can lead to regular use and then to addiction that can wreak havoc with health and wellbeing of entire family. Through school-based education programs and public information programs on tobacco, alcohol and drugs VChangeU endeavours to keep the young generation away from these activities for lifetime.

The website has been used to reach out to a large section of people and spread awareness and inspiration on the core issues with good compilation of information in the form FAQ, statistics and analytics. A tool called Stat Counter is used for analysis and monitoring of website visitor activity in real-time. Usage of Social Media, Blogs, YouTube, Skype and Flickr has helped reachout to the younger generation. LinkedIn is used as a channel to connect to the senior people and professionals from different sectors.

Various software tools have been used for designing a number of Anti-Tobacco & Alcohol posters

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