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Original Title : Udyama
State: Odisha
Contact Person: Pradeep Mahapatra
Email Id: udyama.pradeep@gmail.com
Mobile /Telephone: 06742475656
Website: www.udyama.org


Udyama is an action and advocacy oriented organization in Odisha focused on food security and sustainable rural livelihoods. Its major activities include improving the capacity of participating communities for drought mitigation through regulated water management, forest preservation protection and utilization.

The website www.udyama.org gives a good overview about the organization core values, its approach and strategy, activities/advocacy in addressing micro-macro issues and relationship building with others. The Facebook page shares about philanthropy, development updates from NGOs, Environment, Biodiversity, holistic resources, CSR connect to global expertise, resources, and knowhow. It is using the Social Media to raise issues and share views in dialogue and developments and building networking relationship with a noble cause across the world.

Udyama is using various communication tools for community development including local folklores, cultural events;

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