Slum Soccer Krida Vikas Sanstha


Original Title : Slum Soccer Krida Vikas Sanstha
State: Maharashtra
Contact Person: Abhijeet Barse
Email Id:
Mobile /Telephone: 9890727932


Slum Soccer uses football as a tool to achieve the end of providing impetus and opportunities to the marginalized adults and youth. It aims to provide sufficient life skills(both football and other) training to participants to enable them to attain a respectable career and be able to be responsible members of society. The website allows its visitors to keep in touch with the latest news through its news section and the media gallery section. Website visitors can subscribe to feeds and newsletters. Volunteer submissions are accepted through the website, and site visitors can make donations through the website. The website showcases its work to donors and other agencies, and, in addition to serving as a comprehensive source of information about Slum Soccer, it has also received well over fifty volunteers every month offering their support. YouTube has been used as the primary platform to keep latest videos
posted. Linkedin has helped spreading the word to several professional individuals and organizations thereby attracting high quality individual to give inputs to improve the quality of various programs.

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