Original Title : Prakriti
State: Uttarakhand
Contact Person: Kashinath Vajpai
Email Id:
Mobile /Telephone: 7607481242


To deal with the climatic changes and their impacts in Himalayan Mountains, Prakriti, a mountain environment group based in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand, India founded a Pan-Himalayan initiative called ‘Climate Himalaya’ to focus on Climate Adaptation and Sustainable Mountain Development. The Climate Himalaya initiative works towards the need of closing the knowledge gap in the Himalayan region by developing a knowledge sharing platform, strengthening the capacities of people and organizations, generating awareness and developing leadership.

The Knowledge Portal contains 4800 articles, researches and publications in 80 different categories of Climate and mountain linked issues. Daily and weekly newsletters are sent to over 700 members. The “Mountain 2020 (M-20)” campaign works on strengthening knowledge networking efforts at multi- stakeholders level, working with prospective leaders and youth groups, generate larger awareness, policy advocacy on climate adaptation, capacity building efforts, community outreach actions, develop and showcase a compendium of available best adaptation knowledge and network. The opinion column: Over 80 blogs written by experts, youth and guest practitioners and scientist from India, Nepal and Pakistan. The Climate Himalaya is a network over 1200 individuals and institutions.

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