Etasha Society


Original Title : Etasha Society
State: New Delhi
Contact Person: Ian Mcbride
Email Id:
Mobile /Telephone: 9810364838


ETASHA Society provides vocational training with placement as well As employability skills to young people from disadvantaged communities In India. ETASHA helps young people to develop new skills, by giving Them access to relevant vocational training and connecting them With employers. ETASHA’s website helps maintain relationship with Donors, funders and prospective employers who are interested in recruiting Their trainees. In terms of governance, all the financial information Is available with details of all faculty, workers and governing Council members.

After each class, each trainee writes a reflective journal outlining the successes and concerns of each class, including observations on the class content. This is posted online everyday so that every other trainee can read and reflect before taking the next class.

With over 60 reflective journals for each program a sequential diary is build up, which can be used to plan classes, assess student performance, And analyse the strengths and weaknesses of our syllabus. New volunteers have the opportunity to read the existing volunteers’ stories And connect to the group.

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