Cousumer Voice

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Original Title : Consumer Voice
State: New Delhi
Contact Person: Hemant Upadhyay
Email Id:
Mobile /Telephone: 9811101961


Consumer Voice is a voluntary action group, working in the interest of Consumer Education. It provides suggestions to consumers as to how and what to buy, based on consumer tests conducted in house, gives advice on what to buy and provides legal aid and advice on consumer issues. The website,, helps gets real time reader response and facilitates immediate reply to customer queries, problems and questions.

A unique feature is the Consumer Voice Online magazine which showcases the best features of the English print edition with added value of several features available only online. It is an interactive site, where subscribers can participate in surveys, opinion poll, feedback, reports and access consumers news everyday. A blog is available for comments and inputs. The “read more” features of the online section stretches resources to the maximum to provide readers with reading material onevery aspect of consumer information.

The online complaint mechanism gives advice, guidance and support to the subscribers

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