Childraise Trust


Original Title : Childraise Trust
State: Maharashtra
Contact Person: Kavita Shanbhag
Email Id:
Mobile /Telephone: 9820256731

Description: works toward empowering “Special Children” and their parents, caregivers and well-wishers. Childraise Trust has a unique acronym to explain its goals and objectives – RAISE: R=Rehabilitation, A=Awareness, I=Information, S=Support and E=Education to maximum population having special needs & focus on disability issues. Through ChildRaise information Services (CRIS) the trust endeavours to reach the target group via various telecommunication means, that is, internet, telephone, mobile phones ,radio, and also reach via print, walk-in services thus leaving little scope for service gaps to reachout and empower them.

The website has a huge database of over 100 webpagesproviding links to over 300 other disability related organizations, divided into different sections including basic information on disabilities, lists of special schools, counselling centres, training courses, legal issues and many more. There are sub-sections like Govt. schemes, Awards, Quotes and stories

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