The eNGO Challenge 2019 is open in 8 categories for best use of new age tools like ICT, Digital, Management, Governance, Outreach & Engagements:

1. Governance & Livelihood

Public Administration | Entitlements | Employment

The category may include initiatives which:

  • Provides access to information, infrastructure, entitlements and rights
  • Helps make public services efficient and effective
  • Promotes citizen inclusion, transparency and democratic governance processes
  • Simplifies public-private work processes for socio-economic development
  • Provides and helps create employment and livelihood opportunities at all levels.

2. Digital Empowerment & Tools

ICT | Social Media | Web & Internet | Crowdsourcing | Radio & Broadcasting

The category may include initiatives which:

  • Promote strong outreach and communication through website and internet tools
  • Produce mobile content and apps to drive social change and development
  • Integrate e-commerce to showcase and market its products
  • Does software automation and networking to achieve operational efficiencies
  • Use social media for outreach, communication and awareness
  • Generate e-content including audio, visual and radio to share information
  • Crowdsource and Crowdfund to support its initiatives.

3. Education & Learning

Life Sciences | Capacity Building | Skill Development

The category may include initiatives which:

  • Provides access, supports content, skill development and vocational trainings
  • Promotes new age communications tools and smart education solutions for all levels including students, teachers, trainers and people
  • Helps foster knowledge and learning for mass consumption
  • Promotes integrated information society and diversity.

4. Heritage & Culture

Civilization | Art | Tourism | Culture | Heritage | Language | Folk | Music | Practices

The category may include initiatives which:

  • Promotes preservation of Art and culture
  • Helps development of diverse repositories of knowledge of historical and cultural value
  • Promotes inter-cultural and multilingual learnings through travel and tourism.

5. Entrepreneurship & Outreach

Start-ups | Promotion | Marketing

The category may include initiatives which:

  • Promotes Innovation and infrastructure development
  • Supports creating entrepreneurship opportunities
  • Develops and promote business and promotional activities
  • Develops marketing and awareness programs.

6. Healthcare & Wellness

Medicine | Lifestyle | Sports

The category may include initiatives which:

  • Ensures access to food, information and education for all
  • Helps mother and child care, reduce children mortality rates and promotes general well-being of the people
  • Supports medical practitioners to perform their work effectively, promote preventions and reduce epidemics
  • Helps disseminate knowledge and awareness for a healthy lifestyle including sanitation, and nutrition.

7. Enablement & Empowerment

Gender equality | Senior Citizens | Women Empowerment | Differently Abled | Inclusion

The category may include initiatives which:

  • Work towards women empowerment, child labour and trafficking
  • Supports experiential learning and development for senior citizens
  • Address gender bias and disability issues
  • Helps remove disparity and inequality

8. Environment & Sustainability

Agriculture | Green technologies | Sustainable solutions

The category may include initiatives which:

  • Encourages methods and processes for sustainable agricultural solutions
  • Helps counter drought, floods and other natural disasters
  • Promotes and develops alternate, green and clean energy resources and solutions
  • Does research and papers for policy and advocacy
  • Works for water & soil conservation and carbon foot-print reduction
  • Works towards sustainable mobility & transportation designs and solutions

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